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Energy4ce Net Zero Pro


Energy4ce Electrical Design
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Energy4ce NetZero Pro

Energy Analysis

An Energy Storage System has the potential to significantly reduce your utility costs. From Residential to Commercial and Industrial users Energy Storage can also provide critical backup power resources to keep you operational when there is a power outage.

The first step is to run a complete analysis of your energy usage and costs. We have a saying "If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it". 

Once you engage Energy4ce we collect your data and build a detailed cost analysis to determine the most cost-efficient solution for your home or facility. 

Project Feasibility & Design

First we have to define if your project is feasible. It may be that on paper installing an Energy Storage System to offset high peak energy costs or demand charges is the obvious solution. However, when we look at designing a solution we have to consider all the aspects. From our energy analysis we design a system that takes into account your existing building infrastructure as well as your current and future projected energy usage profile. Our goal is to ensure that your system is designed with the optimum cost and operational efficiency. In addition our leading edge 'Energy as a Service' (EaaS) financing solutions are structured to provide flexible tax efficient options for our customers.

Installation, Commission, Optimize

Once you decide to move forward with your project no matter how big or small we outline a customized installation and commissioning plan that provides you the option to decide on scheduling the work when it best suits you.

During the installation process, we advise our customers with both daily and weekly progress reports. Once the system has been fully installed and commissioned we then set about optimizing your system to ensure that you achieve the operational and most importantly the cost efficiency that you were expecting. 

Our job does not finish there, we constantly monitor your system in real-time to ensure that it is operating as it should. Constantly looking at further ways to help you reduce your energy costs.



Energy Management and Optimization

Industry-leading hardware devices are only effective if they can be controlled and managed efficiently. It is only when this all comes together do we achieve the optimum results.

Energy4ce Technology Solutions work together in harmony to create those optimum results. Our industry-leading software ensures that the on-site generation and storage combine efficiently with utility-supplied energy.

Our dashboards and online accessible reports show real-time energy usage and exact costs, including current and projected savings. 

LifeP04 cell

Robotic production line ensures that the LifeP04 cells we use are not reliant on manually configured connections. 

Click on the PDF below for more information on our cell technology.


Latest Industry News

At Energy4ce we know we cannot possibly keep up with everything that is going on within the Energy Management, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage marketplace.

To help educate and keep our clients informed we stream information from sites that we trust to have the best relevant content.

We hope you find this information useful and informative. Should you have any questions regarding any of this content feel free to email us at




Energy4ce ESS

Energy4ce provides energy solutions for customers by optimizing energy usage in conjunction with grid-supplied, renewable generated, and stored energy. Our forward-looking clients realize the value of energy efficiency and cost optimization through our clearly defined ‘energy on your terms’ approach.

We build our solutions by defining energy as a finite resource and not the infinite resource that traditionally we have based our thinking on. Our project managers, engineers, and technicians help clients reduce their consumption, promote the adoption of efficient technology and practices, such as LED lights, non-electric heating and cooling, and other energy-saving devices and approaches.

Giving customers control through user-friendly interfaces is important to Energy4ce, as this adds to your autonomy as energy producers and consumers. We work with our clients to fully understand their energy requirements not only from a current use perspective but also from future projections. By designing turn-key systems in conjunction with your existing building infrastructure we create the most operational and cost-efficient grid-tied and microgrid solutions available.
Energy4ce only utilizes Grade 1, Tier 1, hardware components that have extensive, all-inclusive warranties, with guaranteed performance levels. The PV panels, inverters, and energy storage products used by Energy4ce are from the world’s leading manufacturers. This coupled with the Energy4ce software and solutions platform that enables us to better manage the whole system well beyond any other comparable system on the market.



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